The Weigh-in After Thanksgiving and a Teatox Giveaway


Who the heck actually weighs themselves the morning after Thanksgiving?!

This girl, apparently.

To be honest, if I didn’t have a weight loss blog I probably wouldn’t have weighed myself because that just seems like a mean thing to do to yourself. But I did and I weighed in at 184.6.

To add insult to injury I also looked through the unflattering pictures that were taken of me yesterday. Let me tell you, it’s not easy coming from a huge Viking bloodline and marrying into a petite family. When I stand in the pictures it looks I could lean over and take a bite out of each of their heads.  I wouldn’t actually do that because that would be weird.

Since it’s technically the end of the month I should post my monthly pictures. However, I love myself just enough not to do that while I still had a food baby in my belly. Plus, I have a tiny house full of in-laws so it would be really awkward taking these photos with an audience. 


We were so glad to have family in town for the holidays. It had been so long since we had Thanksgiving plans that actually took place on Thanksgiving. We all woke up yesterday and enjoyed hot coffee, cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole while we watched the Thanksgiving parade.

Shortly after we hit the trails near my house to get some fresh air and work off the breakfast we had. We also wanted to do something that made us feel better about the meal we were going to have.


We knew what was about to go down so we thought it best to burn some calories ahead of time…


Brent felt like this wasn’t hard enough of a workout for him so he had to wear a weight vest during the walk. I kind of wanted to punch him in the face because the weight vest weighs about the same amount that I still have to lose. So, basically he was pretending to be me… The only difference is that my weight vest jiggles.

Once we got home I popped the turkey in the oven and the culinary show down began!



While we cooked dinner Bridget made her obligatory head dresses and pilgrim hats. Only she wasn’t as excited about this little task as she used to be… I’m pretty sure this was her last year. (Give me a moment, I think I need to cry about that… Okay, I’m good.)


We had so much fun dressing up according to our parts and playing with the photo booth on my computer while we waited for everything to bake…

886152_10202543301444599_1565485017_o 1398319_10202543288924286_184274889_o 1398826_10202543297004488_943685643_o 1399117_10202543295004438_789607340_o 1404793_10202535352805888_1170107581_o 1415526_10202543290924336_1303103740_o

We laughed until we peed a little cried. Before we knew it, it was time to eat!


The turkey was perfect! The whole meal was a success… maybe a little too successful.

Now that Thanksgiving is over I’ve got to get back into the swing of things before Christmas rolls around.

A few months ago Swami Mami Teas selected me to be on their list of top weight loss bloggers. I was flattered of course, so when they asked me if I would like to try one of their teatoxes I decided to give it a shot. I love tea and they use quality ingredients so I thought “Why not?”


I was super excited when I got my package in the mail but since I knew I would need a little extra help after Thanksgiving I decided to wait to use it. Now, don’t get me wrong… when I say “teatox” I’m not talking about only drinking tea. (This girl’s gotta eat!) What I mean is that I’ll be jumping right in with eating clean substantial meals and just adding these two teas with it.


You drink the “Get Lean” tea twice a day and you drink the “Get Clean” tea at night.

getlean                                       getclean

To be honest the “Get Lean” tea isn’t my favorite but it’s not undrinkable. It tastes better with lemon and a drizzle of honey in it. However, I love the “Get Clean” tea. It’s so relaxing! I love snuggling up in my bed with a book and a nice warm mug of this stuff.

Every time I get offers from a company to review their product I always ask them if they would be willing to share with my readers as well. I just feel rude talking about the stuff I get and not sharing. I feel like you guys deserve something for reading my random musings.

That being said, one of my readers will be a lucky winner of a two week teatox kit of their own. Just leave a comment on the blog or go to my Facebook page and leave a comment on there.

teatoxtime   teatoxmas

I think this will be a great motivator for not going over board on cookies while you wait for the next round of holidays to arrive. You won’t want to do anything to take away from the goodness you are putting into your body.

You can either take advantage of this break between the holidays to get back on to a healthy track or cry over how fat you look in the photo of you waiting to eat your Thanksgiving meal.

Maybe that’s just me…


I didn’t realize how morbid it was to have Penelope dress up like a turkey until just now. It looks like we are all waiting to devour her… awkward.

That Weird Holiday Guilt Eating Shame Spiral


It’s the week of Thanksgiving and I can tell that I’ve made progress over the past year because I’m not freaking out about it.

“What is there to freak out about?” you might ask.

Freaking out sounds like a very dramatic reaction to Thanksgiving. These freak outs were never presented in an outward fashion for all to see. It was always something hidden deep down where all of the other insecurities fester. These little freak out’s were hidden in that place in my mind that originated sometime in those awkward prepubescent years when I was self-conscious about everything. A place where I hid everything about myself that I don’t want other people to know about me.

So, in true Nina fashion I’m going to tell you about it so that it can’t fester there anymore…

In the past I would always have anxiety about the pending holidays because I knew I was going to get all crazy with the festivities… and by festivities I mean food, lots and lots of food. This was usually the time of year where I was catapulted into a shame spiral that would cause me to easily gain an additional ten pounds in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s a freak show that usually ends with me acting like Buddy the Elf drizzling maple syrup on everything before I shoveled it into my mouth.


I would freak out because I knew what I was about to do and I knew I could stop it but I didn’t want to because to me food equals good feelings and the holidays are all about good feelings right? It wasn’t the actual holidays that did the damage it was the guilt eating that I did around the holidays that always screwed me over. This has been the trap I’ve found myself in year after year.

If you are anything like me than this starts the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving.  This is when you decide that it was okay to get a head start on eating crappy because the holiday was just a few days away. (I would even eat stuff I didn’t even want to eat because I was giving myself a free pass until the holiday was over so I thought I better live it up while I could.)

The problem with a holiday that takes place on a Thursday is that when you are on an all or nothing kick you probably aren’t likely to vow to get your shit together again until Monday… because Monday usually sounds like a good time for a fresh start. That gives you an extra three days to become even more unravelled.

Finally, Monday arrives and you have good intentions, only things don’t go as well as you had planned. So you say, “SCREW IT! I’ll start over tomorrow.” Then you’ll think… Well, if I’m starting tomorrow then I better live it up tonight while I can.

You’ll do this for the next three days and before you know it Friday has rolled around again and you’ve maybe only eaten well one day out of the whole week. Then you figure it doesn’t matter because you have a holiday party to go to that weekend so you might as well just wait until the next Monday to start over…

By this time you have officially been caught in that vicious cycle. Before you know it the holidays are over and after you’ve taken down all of the tinsel and lights you take a moment to look in the mirror to see what you’ve done. If you’re really brave you step on the scale.

That’s when you decide you seriously need to do something to get things in order… but you should probably wait to start on New Year’s Day because you have that New Year’s Eve party to go to. It’s the cycle that just, won’t. stop.

If you aren’t like me then this has never happened to you and you think I’m a complete weirdo… if that’s the case then let’s pretend like you didn’t just read that.

I didn’t realize just how weird it was until I just wrote it out.

I don’t know why I would think like that. It just doesn’t make any sense! This year something is different, I can’t really put my finger on it but I don’t think I’m going to end up like that again.

Sometimes I want to beat myself up for not losing more weight throughout this past year, for not going hardcore and shedding the pounds super fast. Then I realize that I’ve beaten that crazy all or nothing mindset that I struggled with that put me in the position to need to write a weight loss blog in the first place. The mindset that made me feel like I had to do things perfectly or not at all. I’ve grown a lot over the past year and with all of this self reflection I’ve learned to cut myself some slack. That’s when I realized that I’ve actually made a lifestyle change. I’m not waiting for this “diet” to be over so that I can go back to being “normal” again. I’m enjoying my life and losing weight at the same time. Who thought that was even possible?

So, for Thanksgiving this year there won’t be any freaking out (inward or outward). I won’t be wasting any time this coming week feeling guilty about the food I’m going to eat. Food guilt just has a way of manifesting itself into food obsession. That means that without the guilt I’m free to enjoy my family without obsessing over what I did and did not consume. I’ll be free to enjoy that piece of pie I plan on eating and I’ll be free to stop eating when I’m full because I don’t have any big plans for deprivation up ahead.

Will I gain a few pounds this week? Probably, but that’s okay because if I keep doing what feels right I’ll be losing weight again in no time. I’ve learned how to read my body, it tells me what it needs and sometimes that’s a piece of pumpkin pie.

However, if I listen to my body I will never hear it beg me to go on a weird six week binge eating session hidden under the pretenses of Christmas spirit because that just feels gross.

Weekly Weigh-in and Thanksgiving Excitement

Good morning! Happy weigh-in day.

I wasn’t so sure how nice the scale was going to be to me today since Bridget and I went on a mother/daughter date last night to see Catching Fire.


We had been planning this night out for months. It included a dinner out at the Mellow Mushroom followed by some window shopping at the outdoor mall where the temperature was a whopping 8 degrees.  We bought our tickets at a theater that has assigned seating so we didn’t have to stand in line forever. We went all out and ordered the balcony seats where we shared a cozy leather love seat and snuggled under a blanket Bridget shoved into my purse before we left (genius). Since we were “VIP” we had a waitress bring us hot chocolate and popcorn (minus the butter). It was a perfect way to watch a movie on a freezing night.


However, popcorn, pizza and hot chocolate aren’t usually the best things to ingest before having to do a public weigh-in. So when I stepped on the scale I was surprised to see that I weighed in at 182.8. 

This week has been a tad bit rough since Penelope was so sick. It entailed a lot of sitting around the house and not getting anything done because she was super clingy.  I didn’t workout once. It was awful. There was so much that I wanted to do but I couldn’t do it.  I was feeling so antsy the entire week.

She’s on the mend now so I’m hoping to get back into my workout routine. I’ve got five days before the family arrives for Thanksgiving so I’m hoping to eat super clean until then to counterbalance the debauchery that is bound to take place during the holiday.

When Brent got home from work he built a fire and we turned on some Christmas tunes. We couldn’t help it! It just felt appropriate.  I cozied up under a blanket and searched the internet for recipes to get ready for the big day. Brent and I discussed what we must include in our feast and argued over what we should eat while we watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We also argued over which kind of green bean casserole we should make, I say the healthy kind with freshly made fried shallots and he says the kind made with condensed soup.


During my search for recipes I stumbled upon this list of things to do to prepare for Thanksgiving ahead of time, I found it very helpful. I’m pretty sure it’s from Martha Stewart. That lady is beyond anal retentive and I’m pretty sure we could never be friends but I’m grateful for the advice anyway.

I was glad I stumbled upon it because I bought a twenty pound turkey and I need to start thawing it out today! I plan on getting as much of a head start on the holiday preparations as I can so that I can enjoy the family when they are here. I’m one of the few who absolutely adore their in-laws. I just can’t wait to see them!

We live far away from our family on both sides. During the past five years Brent has had to work during the holidays so we usually end up having an orphan Thanksgiving with friends on a random day that everyone can come. It usually turns out to be a very Charlie Brown-ish event due to the fact that Bridget and I always insist that everyone dress up like pilgrims and Native Americans. It started out as a way of giving her something to do while I made the Thanksgiving meal. However, it always adds an extra element of festivity so we do it every year now. We usually fight over who get’s to be the Native Americans because the Pilgrims are boring.

Even though we didn’t have any family around in years past we still managed to instill the elements found in a true American holiday.

The awkward family photos..


The uncle who had too much to drink…


The bickering…


But most importantly the love and laughter that comes from spending a holiday with people you care about.




Our Thanksgivings aren’t usually something you would find on the cover of a magazine but they are usually something special nonetheless. I’m so excited to spend some time with the people that I love and create more memories of tacky holidays to come! That being said, I better stop blogging and get back to making preparations…

Do you have any strange holiday traditions?

Five Minutes of Vanity


I dreamed about mascara last night. It felt like I spent hours and hours glopping mascara onto my eyelashes and looking at myself in the mirror. It was actually a really boring dream.

When I woke up this morning I took a quick glance in the mirror before heading across the hall to get Penelope out of her crib. I just wanted to see if I looked anything like I did in my dream. As my bald blonde eyelashes blinked back at me it was blatantly clear that I hadn’t worn make up in days. I didn’t even have any smudged remnants of it smeared under my eyes.

So after making breakfast for the girls this morning I decided that it was time for me to take a moment to reacquaint myself with my vanity. I locked myself in my bedroom for five minutes so that I could stare at myself in the mirror and glop real life mascara onto my nonexistent eyelashes. Slowly but surely they began to appear. As my eyes started to brighten up I could feel myself standing a little taller.

I didn’t have time to wash my hair so I sprayed a ton of dry conditioner onto it and braided it. For added effect I skipped my usual lip smackers chap stick and opted for real life lip gloss.  The added color made my teeth look white and radiant.

For a grand finale I spritzed a bit of perfume on my neck. When I got in the car Bridget told me I smelled good… like a mom.

Just five minutes to entertain my vanity was all that I needed to get through another day of being stuck in the house with a sick kid. Nobody was going to see it but me and that’s perfectly fine because that was my intended audience.

By now the mascara has returned to its usual place, smeared under my eyes from rubbing them with frustration. The lip gloss has faded away and my braid has fallen out. My five minutes of vanity are over.

You see, I don’t have to look good all of the time. I just need to know that if I wanted to look good, I could 😉

The Croup Monster

First of all…


What the crap BLUE BELL?! Why do you have to go and make tasty treats out of stuff that is already too tasty to begin with?

I bought this sucker on Friday night along with a frozen pizza and some mini Cokes. (The ones with Santa on them.) I was going to have a little party by myself after Penelope went to bed. Bridget was on a sleep over and Brent was at work. I had spent an entire day with a sick toddler plastered in my lap with what we later discovered was croup. The only thing that would calm her down was Sesame Street. Sesame Street all. day. long. I tried to switch it to X-Factor and she got seriously angry with me.

“No! Melmo!”

I couldn’t put her down to make breakfast, I couldn’t put her down to eat lunch and by the time dinner rolled around the only thing I had eaten was a few random handfuls of cereal, two slices of cheese and an apple. She had cough/gagged all over my side braid infusing my hair with the stench of old milk.

I would have washed it out if she had taken a nap that day. But she didn’t so instead I just marinated in it, getting a whiff every time I turned my head.

By that night I was starving and exhausted. After I finally got Penelope to go to bed I took that much needed shower while I preheated the oven. When I got out I ate a few spoonfuls of the ice cream and then decided I was too tired to eat pizza.

So now I have a big tub of ice cream sitting in my freezer next to a frozen pizza. I thought I would have a hard time staying out of the ice cream throughout the weekend but I didn’t. This is highly unusual. When I’m severely sleep deprived I typically eat and cry…. and then cry and eat. But not this time. I think I just might be getting a grasp on the mental aspect of this food business. Either that or I’m just getting really used to being sleep deprived.

Now, if only I could get some food in my belly. And some sleep, sleep would be nice. Do you want to know a strange fact? I get fat when I don’t eat and I lose weight when I do…. true story. So that means what happened on Friday can’t happen anymore. It’s just not healthy.

Brent worked overtime after his last shift so he was only home for two days before he had to go back. He left this morning and will be gone until Thursday morning. So I’ll have to deal with the croup monster on my own. I won’t be getting a break because I can’t take Penelope to the gym day care, even though that’s where she keeps picking up all of these illnesses.

For us stay at home mom’s the gym is our oasis. A time when we can let our kids explore and play while other adults chase them around for a change. I’ve seen the mom’s who linger around the locker room talking to their friends who are in the shower just to milk this adult time for all it’s worth. In the meantime their kid is coughing all over my kid as they fight over the last cracker at snack.

I’m not one of those moms. I usually speed through my workout expecting her to run into my arms when I come back to pick her up. (She usually runs away… I’m already cramping her style.)

Therefore, for the next week (if she’s up for it) I’ll be bundling her up and strapping her in the jogging stroller. The cool air is supposed to be good for her airway. I’ll probably also being doing air squats and push ups as I let the characters of sesame street count my reps…

Uh oh, I hear the croup monster now… I should’ve eaten breakfast while I had the chance.